Monday, September 29, 2008

Upload Manager: A Radiant CMS extension for batch uploads

Starting to work with Radiant, I found out that it is a very powerful CMS. However, it lacks an important administrative feature: file upload. A common requirement for any site admin is to be able to upload files and link for them in the site pages. So, starting to add this feature to Radiant, I thought I should extract it as a generic extension for uploading multiple files easily.

Radiant Upload Manager is an extension for Radiant CMS that enables the admin to upload multiple files at once in a handy way. It is built on the SWFUpload Flash library, enabling selecting multiple files at a time for upload, and preserving the same HTML/CSS interface as the rest of the admin layout.

The idea of the uploader is pretty simple. A hidden Flash object is wrapped in a JavaScript wrapper. The wrapper initializes the flash open file dialog, which has the feature of multiple file selection. When the user chooses the files to upload, the flash object starts uploading them, giving the wrapper a set of useful callbacks (uploadStart, uploadProgress, ..etc) to update the HTML view.

You can download the extension at its GitHub page. For installation and usage, refer to the README

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